Two vehicles damaged during a hit-and-run in Red Oak

(Red Oak) Two vehicles were damaged in a hit-and-run in Red Oak last week.

The Red Oak Police Department says officers were called to 702 Eastern Avenue Friday evening where they made contact with Ricky Behrens and Dale Fish. Ricky stated that sometime between 9:30 p.m. and 11:51 p.m., someone had sideswiped their vehicles. Ricky’s 2014 red Chrysler 200 had significant damage to the driver’s side. The paint had been deep scratched and the mirror had been ripped off. Dale’s 2007 white Chrysler Town and Country van had its driver’s side mirror ripped off and a small scratch on the driver’s side rear taillight. The two vehicles were legally parked in the northbound lane of Eastern Avenue with the red Chrysler behind the white van.

It appears a vehicle sideswiped both units, causing an estimated $5,000 to Ricky Behrens’ vehicle and an estimated $500 to Dale Fish’s vehicle.

The accident remains under investigation.