PODCAST: “Why I Coach” with AHSTW’s GG Harris

(Avoca) AHSTW’s GG Harris has the unique distinction of holding the head coaching job in four different sports all at the same time. Harris has stayed as busy as can be with head coaching duties in Boys Track, Softball, Football, and Boys Basketball. He joined us this week for the Why I Coach podcast and explained that staying involved is much preferred over having downtime.

Last year AHSTW’s run to the Dome in football meant the fall season overlapped with basketball, but that’s not the case this season. The Vikings saw their year come to an end on October 25th and boys basketball practice is still over one week away from starting. “Right now this is probably the most down time I’ve ever had and it is driving me nuts. I was just saying that to someone the other day. I’m ready for basketball to get going.”

Harris comes from coaching family. His grandfather Dick Harris left a lasting impact as a coach in Oakland and his parents have coached a variety of sports as well. He says, “As far as I can remember I’ve been involved in everything. I played four sports. My parents coached about everything, my grandfather coached about everything. It’s just one of those things where I’m used to being involved so if I wasn’t coaching I’d probably be going to the games. There’s not a sport that I don’t enjoy. I love being around the kids. They have a huge impact on who I am.”

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