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Molly Jones

Villisca Axe Murder House

So yesterday I went to Villisca with my boyfriend. He wanted to see the famous axe murder house there, so I thought "why not"? I warned him though that 1. It's a creepy house 2. we might not be able to get in since I don't know when tours end for the day. If you don't know the history behind the house, go to


We arrived there, and if you've ever been there, you've seen the red barn right next to the house. There was a guy sitting on the porch so we walked over, and he said they were still doing tours so we paid and went in the house. If you ever watch the show Ghost Adventures, you'd know that they've filmed an episode there. It makes the house look so much bigger then it really is. And upon walking in, you get this sense of it being stuffy and almost crowded. The house itself isn't crowded, but it's just an uncomfortable feeling like when you walk into a really crowded room. 


He shows us the downstairs and after about 5 minutes, the tour guide goes "Okay, well feel free to look around upstairs. I'm gonna go do some stuff in the office... I'll be back in like 20 minutes." Me and my boyfriend kind of look at each other like Did-He-Just-Seriously-Say-That!? 


We explored the upstairs, and the childrens' bedroom is by far the creepiest. I cannot explain it. You just have to go yourself. Nothing really exciting happened... no doors opened on their own, no crazy voices were heard out of the ordinary... But you leave with a feeling of solemn and an uneasiness. I would recommend going there DURING THE DAY...but for those paranormal buffs, you can book overnights there for a hefty price. It may be worth it!