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Frank Rizzo

HO! HO! HOrrible gift giver!

So Christmas is right around the corner…to be specific, Christmas is two weeks from today…I knew it was close….but until I looked at the calendar I didn’t even realize it was two flipping weeks away! Anyway, it’s close. So have you gotten your shopping done yet? Shiloh and I are done with each other, in the sense of gifts, not marriage, that sounded bad and I thought I need to clarify…I’m off the market ladies, but we still have approximately 900 more gifts to get for nieces and nephews, I come from a large family…I have 9 aunts and uncles on my mother’s side…two on my dad’s, but it’s hard to send stuff to jail for them and they keep asking for files. But I don’t have as many cousins as you’d think…I do have 3 sisters and 2 brothers for a total of something like 9 or 13 nieces and nephews…I’m not a great uncle, I can admit that. So getting everyone gifts that they want is a bit tricky, I’ve even suggested that we combine presents for the entire family, like my brother’s kids get them one board game and let them play it together, how much fun would they have playing shoots and ladders, or operation…tons, that’s how much. When/if Coretta has a sibling, I wouldn’t mind if they got checkers for Christmas…it builds character and lets them know right from the get-go that the giver is a cheap ass…I have no problems with everyone knowing I am cheap…I’d sleep better on a pillow filled with cash and the tears of disappointed children.


Spoiler alert! I am giving them Mouse Trap…some of the pieces are missing.