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Frank Rizzo

Your Civic Duty

Vote. Vote! Vote? Vote…that’s what you’ve heard all day… “Did you vote yet?” “You need to vote.” “I voted” and it is important, but I haven’t voted yet…because I am at work…and I am a felon. So I’m not really a felon, but I WILL get out and vote today, with a baby on my hip…MERICA! This will be the first year I haven’t known 100% who I am voting for…I’m a middle of the road kind of guy…but here is the dilemma, I have never voted for a winning presidential candidate. What if that’s my curse? Do I start voting defensively? Whoever I don’t want in, I vote for them so the other guy wins…man those telemarketing callers should have considered my tactics before calling my house 7 times a day (literally 7 times a day…at least!!)

I should have gotten calls like this “This is So and So for Mitt Romney, Frank do us a solid and vote for Obama.” OR “Hi! This is Stacy for the DNC, could you vote straight ticket Republican? Thanks!”…and here is the embarrassing part…when Gore won the popular vote and Bush the Electoral…I voted Nader! It’s my curse. But as they say, “When life hands you a dilemma, make DiLemonade”

But seriously, Go vote. And on a side note, does anyone need this Soap Box I’m standing on? I have no place to store it.