Parks and Recreation to benefit from Hotel/Motel Tax in Audubon

(Audubon) Audubon voters showed support at the polls on Tuesday for a Hotel/Motel Tax in the city.

The Hotel/Motel Tax passed with 60.5% of the voters saying yes. There were 121 in favor and 79 opposed. City Clerk Joe Foran looks for the majority of that additional revenue to be used by the Park and Rec Department. “By state law we have to use 50% of it for Parks and Recreation. The other 50% can be used wherever we feel we need to. I think the majority of it though if not all of it will go towards Parks and Recreation.”

Specifically, some of the projects include…“Our Parks and Recreation Board has been working to update our parks especially the Albert the Bull Campground. That’s much needed funding to help offset some of those expenses.”

The Hotel/Motel tax takes effect January 1st.