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KSOM Weekends
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Team Scores

1. Clarion-Goldfield 219.0

2. Humboldt 180.0

3. Ogden 156.0

4. Greene County 143.0

5. Manson Northwest Webster 124.0

6. Guthrie Center 104.0

7. Tri-Center 98.5

8. Riverside 95.0

9. Interstate35 91.0

10. Underwood 80.0

11. Panorama 79.0

12. Gilbert 70.0

13. Prairie Valley 49.0

13. Woodward-Granger 49.0

15. Coon Rapids-Bayard 44.0

16. Griswold 41.0

17. Moravia 35.0

17. Nodaway Valley 35.0

19. Southeast Webster-Grand 30.0

20. West Central Valley 27.0

21. East Union 7.0



106 Results
1st Place - Justin Portillo of Clarion-Goldfield
2nd Place - Spencer Johnson of Prairie Valley
3rd Place - Austin Flynn of Ogden
4th Place - Tatem Bluml of Riverside
5th Place - Garrett Simmons of Panorama
6th Place - Daylen Fenton of Moravia
7th Place - Sinjin Briggs of Gilbert
8th Place - Marshall Rasmussen of Underwood


113 Results
1st Place - Josh Portillo of Clarion-Goldfield
2nd Place - Briar Cochran of Moravia
3rd Place - Austin Pontier of Interstate 35
4th Place - Sheldon McMain of Ogden
5th Place - Levi Sawyer of Humboldt
6th Place - Guy Sudmann of Underwood
7th Place - Brennan Carter of Riverside
8th Place - Chase Bulten of Manson Northwest Webster


120 Results
1st Place - Christian Polley of Tri-Center
2nd Place - Riley Klein of Underwood
3rd Place - Jacob Challen of Greene County
4th Place - Colton Milosevich of Woodward-Granger
5th Place - Shawn Heaning of Ogden
6th Place - Jacob Vogel of Riverside
7th Place - Hadley Ogg of Griswold
8th Place - Christian Hilgenberg of Coon Rapids-Bayard


126 Results
1st Place - Kyler Kiner of Ogden
2nd Place - Joel Haberman of Clarion-Goldfield
3rd Place - Dylan Forkner of Greene County
4th Place - Austin Gargano of Humboldt
5th Place - Tom Jennings of Underwood
6th Place - Eric Wedemeyer of Manson Northwest Webster
7th Place - Ben Freese of Nodaway Valley
8th Place - Justin Firebaugh of Panorama


132 Results

1st Place - Jordan Challen of Greene County
2nd Place - Kaleb Simacek of Manson Northwest Webster
3rd Place - Kolby Munson of Ogden
4th Place - Jake Miller of Humboldt
5th Place - Jd Lyman of Nodaway Valley
6th Place - kyle bates of West Central Valley
7th Place - Calen Rosenbaum of Clarion-Goldfield
8th Place - Stephen Moore of Gilbert


138 Results
1st Place - Taylor Lehman of Clarion-Goldfield
2nd Place - Tommy Bradshaw of Greene County
3rd Place - Lane Rumelhart of Guthrie Center
4th Place - Wyatt Rhoads of Gilbert
5th Place - Logan Klingson of Prairie Valley
6th Place - Scott Ruffcorn of Tri-Center
7th Place - Zach Evans of Coon Rapids-Bayard
8th Place - Mike Madsen of Humboldt


145 Results
1st Place - Payton Rice of Manson Northwest Webster
2nd Place - Race Brant of Woodward-Granger
3rd Place - Kyle Chalfant of Guthrie Center
4th Place - Brady Brott of Clarion-Goldfield
5th Place - KC Bockoven of Prairie Valley
6th Place - Brock Bentley of Riverside
7th Place - Jayden Erlandson of Nodaway Valley
8th Place - Logan Adair of Interstate 35


152 Results
1st Place - sal Arzani of Interstate 35
2nd Place - Jeremy Scheuermann of Greene County
3rd Place - Cody Kingery of Underwood
4th Place - Austin Lentz of Ogden
5th Place - Thaylan Bowman of Humboldt
6th Place - Logan Nelson of Clarion-Goldfield
7th Place - Skyler Michalski of Manson Northwest Webster
8th Place - Logan Namanny of Coon Rapids-Bayard


160 Results

1st Place - Spencer Fluckiger of Southeast Webster-Grand
2nd Place - Henry Haglund of Ogden
3rd Place - john askren of West Central Valley
4th Place - Adam Hartman of Riverside
5th Place - Gus Arnold of Humboldt
6th Place - Chase Whetstone of Gilbert
7th Place - Kegan McManigal of Griswold
8th Place - Isaiah Yoder of Greene County


170 Results

1st Place - Nikko Wheeler of Humboldt
2nd Place - Payton Housman of Riverside
3rd Place - Nathan Krueger of Manson Northwest Webster
4th Place - Spencer Winnett of Coon Rapids-Bayard
5th Place - Trevor Wheelock of Ogden
6th Place - Jordan Lee of Clarion-Goldfield
7th Place - Dillon Manhart of Tri-Center
8th Place - Dante Arzani of Interstate 35


182 Results

1st Place - Austin Laabs of Guthrie Center
2nd Place - Adam Mickelson of Humboldt
3rd Place - Ryan Anderson of Clarion-Goldfield
4th Place - Nick Ross of Ogden
5th Place - Austin Lorenz of Griswold
6th Place - Levi Pingrey of Coon Rapids-Bayard
7th Place - Jon Gehrman of Riverside


195 Results

1st Place - Ben Wellman of Tri-Center
2nd Place - Reed Dreyer of Humboldt
3rd Place - Wilson Solorzano of Panorama
4th Place - Lonnie Harper of Interstate 35
5th Place - Cade Suhr of Guthrie Center
6th Place - Elliott Ahrens of Clarion-Goldfield
7th Place - Peterson Tanner of Manson Northwest Webster
8th Place - Kenny Carstensen of Southeast Webster-Grand


220 Results

1st Place - Caleb Hanson of Clarion-Goldfield
2nd Place - Cale Crowder of Guthrie Center
3rd Place - Marcus Boldy of Panorama
4th Place - Brady Kline of Gilbert
5th Place - Garrett Graves of Riverside
6th Place - Cordes Olthoff of Humboldt
7th Place - Garret Thompson of Interstate 35
8th Place - Brady Flemming of Tri-Center


285 Results
1st Place - Dylan Hendricks of Humboldt
2nd Place - Garrett Johnston of Panorama
3rd Place - Mitch Gambrill of Clarion-Goldfield
4th Place - Tim Butcher of Manson Northwest Webster
5th Place - Bobby Heilman of Interstate 35
6th Place - Adam McDermott of Tri-Center
7th Place - Rene Guzman of Greene County
8th Place - Tristan Evans of Underwood


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