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Team Scores
1.  Audubon  195.5
2.  Logan-Magnolia  182.5
3.  East Mills  142.0
4.  Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton  86.0
5.  Woodbine  84.0
6.  Missouri Valley  83.0
7.  A-H-S-T  82.0
8.  Treynor  65.0
9.  Clarinda Academy  58.0
10.  Southwest Valley  45.0
11.  East Sac County  3.0



106 Results
1st Place - Collin Subbert of Audubon
2nd Place - Remington Meeker of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Joel Becerra of A-H-S-T
4th Place - Tyson Partridge of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton
5th Place - Seth Wright of Woodbine


113 Results
1st Place - Kyle Juelsgaard of Audubon
2nd Place - Tyler MacGregor of A-H-S-T


120 Results
1st Place - Alec Moorman of East Mills
2nd Place - Logan Wood of Southwest Valley
3rd Place - Gabe Holben of Logan-Magnolia
4th Place - Jack Kyle of Missouri Valley
5th Place - Beau Nickum of Audubon
6th Place - Dayton Wood of Woodbine


126 Results
1st Place - Brad Kerkhoff of Audubon
2nd Place - Nick Rounds of Missouri Valley
3rd Place - Lucas Hedstrom of Woodbine
4th Place - Brady Wilson of Logan-Magnolia


132 Results
1st Place - Jake Mulford of Audubon
2nd Place - Brett Greenwood of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Nathan Egerss of A-H-S-T
4th Place - Cole Geltz of Clarinda Academy
5th Place - Austin Steinkuehler of Woodbine


138 Results
1st Place - Andrew Malloy of Audubon
2nd Place - Timmy Barr of A-H-S-T
3rd Place - Kaleb Reynek of Logan-Magnolia
4th Place - Luke Stortenbecker of East Mills
5th Place - Cole Bruns of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton
6th Place - Andrew Murley of East Sac County


145 Results
1st Place - Brady Charbonneau of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Trevor Smith of Audubon
3rd Place - Josh McIlnay of Missouri Valley
4th Place - Kyle Bauerkemper of A-H-S-T
5th Place - Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
6th Place - Cavin Darnold of East Mills
6th Place - Mark Riley of Treynor


152 Results

1st Place - Josh Hopkins of East Mills
2nd Place - Lucas Smith-Petersen of Audubon
3rd Place - Dustin Engel of A-H-S-T
4th Place - Ridge Meeker of Logan-Magnolia
5th Place - Tanner Hedstrom of Woodbine
6th Place - Sam Sutherland of Treynor


160 Results
1st Place - Dane Livengood of Treynor
2nd Place - Colton Fisher of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Malachi Mentink of Woodbine
4th Place - Zane Harvey of Missouri Valley
5th Place - Buck Schafroth of Southwest Valley
6th Place - Austin Fink of A-H-S-T


170 Results
1st Place - Gavin Gremmel of Clarinda Academy
2nd Place - Nate Rudd of Woodbine
3rd Place - Riley Wohlers of Logan-Magnolia
4th Place - Colby Jennings of East Mills
5th Place - Michael Fisher of Treynor
6th Place - Austin Gosch of Audubon


182 Results
1st Place - Evan Hansen of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton
2nd Place - Zach Barton of Southwest Valley
3rd Place - Colton Story of East Mills
4th Place - Steven Gregory of Treynor
5th Place - Karon Pinson of Clarinda Academy
6th Place - Drake Johnsen of Logan-Magnolia


195 Results
1st Place - Trey Sander of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton
2nd Place - Jacob Brandt of Missouri Valley
3rd Place - Tanner Winther of Logan-Magnolia
4th Place - Nick Perkins of East Mills
5th Place - Jordan Hansen of Audubon
6th Place - Bryan King of Clarinda Academy


220 Results
1st Place - Matt Fett of Audubon
2nd Place - Lane Ring of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton
3rd Place - Bakari Fobbs of Clarinda Academy
4th Place - Jacob Stueve of Logan-Magnolia


285 Results
1st Place - David Howell of East Mills
2nd Place - Joe Graf of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Jesse Espinoza of Woodbine
4th Place - Koby Hunnicutt of Audubon
5th Place - Cody Kommes of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton


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