Nathaniel Hamlin Museum House getting face lift

(Audubon) Restoration efforts are underway at the Nathaniel Hamlin Museum.

Judy Olson says they have started the process of tuck pointing. “The main thing we are doing is restoring the exterior. We found a wonderful mason who is able to tuck pointing the hose so we have done two sides so far. Hopefully next spring he’ll be back and we can start on another side. That’s what we are trying to raise money for is to afford the tuck pointing.”

A recent contribution from the Audubon County Community Foundation has helped the cause. Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museums received a $1,500 grant on November 1st. They are seeking private donations as well. Olson describes the structure as being very much in need of work.

“The house was pretty sad. We had brick falling out and a lot of deterioration. We had been pretty lucky that between some small grants and private donations we were able replace all the windows. They were in serious condition. The bricks were deteriorating. This past summer we re-did the front of the house and in doing that we needed to remove the front porch floor. When that was opened up it showed a huge deterioration of brick beneath that.”

Olson says the rooms are an interpretation of when the house was used as a residence for the poor. All of the rooms are themed pertaining to Audubon County history.