Atlantic City Council Approves Engineering Work for Additional Bull Creek Engineering Services

(Atlantic) The Atlantic City Council agreed to proceed with the next phase in the studies of Bull Creek required by the Army Corp of Engineers.

Bull Creek has been a controversial and historically difficult stormwater management issue. It is considered a waterway of the U.S. and under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The City reviewed this issue along the entire Bull Creek Channels between 14th and 17th Street. The required mitigation and sewer relief at 2nd and Maple Street and the improvements needed north of 10th Street between Oak and Elm Streets was estimated in 2016 to cost a little over 4.2 million dollars. This was not feasible with the financial resources available at that time. Meanwhile, the issue has reemerged as a concern for the neighborhood.

Dave Sturm of Snyder and Associates says the next phase of the project includes preliminary design plans, a Cultural Resources Survey, Bat habitat Survey and Alternatives Analysis. Once this is completed and submitted, the City should be granted an individual permit by the Corp. The City will then be able to assess the extent of the work that needs to be done. Because of a backlog of permit requests, any type of proposed improvements wouldn’t be ready for construction until the spring of 2021.

Sturm says survey work is complete that identifies the property boundaries between Olive Street and along Harl Holt Park. He says on the east side of the creek there’s a fifteen-foot easement on all of the properties. Sturm says sometime down the road; they will meet with the property owners to see what the City can do and what the property owners will allow them to do.