ACGC boys and AHSTW girls win cross country title at Coon Rapids-Bayard

(Coon Rapids) Coon Rapids-Bayard hosted a cross country meet on Monday.

AHSTW had the top four individuals and won the girls team competition. The Lady Vikes scored 17 points, just two shy of a perfect score.

ACGC, which occupied six of the top ten individual places, won the boy’s portion of the meet with 24 points. ACGC ran a lineup of mostly junior varsity competitors.

Girls Team Scoring

  1. AHSTW 17
  2. ACGC 48
  3. CAM 69

Boys Team Scoring

  1. ACGC 26
  2. CAM 50
  3. Underwood 58

Girls Individual Top 15

  1. Ryann Portch, AHSTW
  2. Julia Kock, AHSTW
  3. Jade Draman, AHSTW
  4. Holly Hoepner, AHSTW
  5. Jordyn Reimer, Underwood
  6. Brynn Bass, Coon Rapids-Bayard
  7. Taylor Lemke, ACGC
  8. Jenna Stringer, ACGC
  9. Jodan Blotzer, AHSTW
  10. Talia Welsh, AHSTW
  11. Whitney Holaday, CAM
  12. Emily Plagman, CAM
  13. Mia Ocheltree, ACGC
  14. Jackie Trujillo-Garcia, ACGC
  15. Cadence Stephenson, CAM

Boys Individual Top 15

  1. Bryce Patten, Underwood
  2. Colby Heithoff, Coon Rapids-Bayard
  3. Justin Reinhart, ACGC
  4. Ethan Follman, CAM
  5. Jackson Sloss, ACGC
  6. Austin Wetzel, ACGC
  7. Kaden Thompson, ACGC
  8. Zach Moon, ACGC
  9. Nash Ayers, ACGC
  10. Kegan Cilliers, Coon Rapids-Bayard
  11. Dalton Larson, Underwood
  12. Michael Hill, CAM
  13. Cale Maas, CAM
  14. Corey Heithoff, Coon Rapids-Bayard
  15. Carson Cary, CAM

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