Montgomery County Radio Upgrade Construction Project takes another step Forward

(Red Oak) Three significant pieces of the puzzle are now in place for the $5.8 million Montgomery County radio upgrade project, and today is moving day.

Montgomery County Emergency Management Director Brian Hamman says the construction of the three new radio towers is complete, compounds are finished, and the sensors are up. All the components are in place, such as the generators, shelters, and propane tanks.

“Today is moving day,” said Hamman. “The moving company is moving all the radio racks, backup battery equipment, and inside equipment to the three-tower sites. This is another step toward completion of the project, and I’m happy to see it reach this point because it’s been a long process.”

Hamman says all of the radios will be upgraded to a 700 megahertz system. He says the new system will be cleaner, provide a better range and will be more feasible in the public safety field than the current system. Hamman says the County lost a considerable amount of coverage when the FCC narrow-banded the frequencies. If the FCC narrows the band again, the current radio system would be obsolete.

Hamman says the upgrade will make a massive difference for the Montgomery County first responders. He says for years the county used a band-aided system for radio communications. This should solve the problems at a lot of locations where the county doesn’t have a signal. He says overall for Officer’s and First Responder safety; it’s going to be a significant improvement.

Hamman says the final testing is currently on schedule to begin after the first of the year, intending to have the new system up and running by March.